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Multifunction Chopping Board

Multifunction Chopping Board

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Multifunction Chopping Board

This Design is a 1-in-2 that combines a spacious chopping surface with a storage, very useful to chop vegetables, meat, cheese, bread, fruits and more. Keeping your countertops organized and maximizing precious space.Unlike the other chopping boards that make your kitchen in a mess with bacteria on the scratched surface and getting your knives damaged.   

Things you'll love about this special Cutting Board that makes a difference!

  • Durable and long-lasting hard plastic 
  • Smooth surface prevents bacteria growth
  • Prevent knives from dulling.
  • Prevent the chopped food falling off with the removable storage box.
  • Non slip & Easy to clean.  

    • Take it wherever you go (camping, outdoor barbecue ...)         
    • Space-Saving for apartments with small countertops, as it replaces multiple items, freeing up drawers and shelf spaces
    • Perfect for gift-giving

    Say goodbye to bulky cutting boards cluttering your cupboard and experience the ultimate in kitchen convenience.

    There may be a slight chromatic aberration due to the effects of light and display.

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